What is the difference between Website hosting, Email mail hosting, and Domains?


Many do not know the difference between website hosting, email hosting, and domains. In fact, the term email hosting might not be as familiar as the other two terms, and it might sound new to some.

If a website is hosted, it means that this website has space on a server where it is stored.  That is, an internet service provider provides the site with an area on the internet. It does not matter what the websites are for, the process of getting hosted on a server is the same for all websites. For any site to be accessible on the internet, it means that a server has hosted it. The services that come with hosting a website includes bandwidth, memory space, and technical support depending on what package your internet service provider provides.

There are different types of web hosting plans and this depends on the ISP (internet service provider) that is being used. Some of the services include email hosting and domain registration services.

Email hosting like web hosting means that there is a space on a server where your emails can be stored. Companies and organizations require email hosting services so that they can have private email accounts for their staff. These services are also provided by ISPs just like web hosting. Some mail hosting services offered include unlimited email accounts, branded email address, anti-virus filters, firewalls, and anti-spam. Emails are encrypted so that they cannot be hacked or tampered with by hackers.

Domains, on the other hand, are unique addresses that are owned by individual websites on the server. Before a site can be hosted on a server, it needs to have its unique address which is popularly known as IP address. The domain address is how people find a business or company online, and this is what helps the server deliver these websites upon search. If a company wishes to host their website, they need a domain, and if they do not have one, it will be purchased for them by the hosting company.

Web hosting, email hosting, and domain are essential knowledge for a business owner who needs a website on a server.

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