Getting Results From Video Blogs


Content is the apparent key to digital marketing success. Content is the key to driving potential customers to you and your products. Of course there are different types of content; there are graphics and images, long and short form writing as well as video, video blogs and other visual media. In this day and age, marketers are valuing video more and more.

Why? For a few legitimate reasons. According to this Hubspot article, content marketing with the relevant images garnered 94% more views than content that lacked images. It’s so useful that 51% of marketing professionals called video marketing as the type of content with the highest ROI. This is backed up with some consumer evidence as well, shoppers that view video are 1.8 times more likely to purchase than shoppers that don’t view product videos. It’s a medium that rules the internet now and is projected to gobble up a 74% share of all internet traffic in 2017.

With all that content out there, it becomes more important that you are producing quality content over quantity. You don’t have to start out by casting a wide net, start out simple and work your way up. You can get overwhelmed pretty easily if you don’t set reasonable goals and expectations. Ill rundown a couple of basic things that you can get started with to make your video blogs presentable.

Stay on Topic

Stay on topic. This is the easiest one that can get away from you if you aren’t paying attention. Make sure that you have something scripted out that you can replicate a few times. You are going to have to repeat it a few times, so having something on paper helps keep your focus. This one is mostly about preparedness and having a good structure to your video production. You want to do as much before filming so that the filming itself can run smoothly.

Be Aware of Time

Another bit of technical advice, stick to an appropriate time. If you can get quality information out coherently in about a minute, stick to about a minute. Don’t doddle on and lose the focus of your audience. Make sure your material is tight and to the point, beyond that there is only so much room for filler and other content. Be conscious of this when writing your content.

Single Character

When doing informational, short form video blogs, stick to a single character. Don’t muddy up the screen with unnecessary people that don’t add anything of value. Writing is also a little more complex when writing for 2 people. Dialogue takes more experience to produce without sounding clunky and corny. If you have to have other people on screen, make sure that they are pertinent to the subject and add something to the production.

Maximize Social Media

Another bit of advice is to take advantage of the power of content marketing. Take your content and share it as much as possible. Visual media is far more likely to be shared, so take advantage of this and post it as many places as possible.


And finally, all this work wouldn’t be effective if you didn’t measure your work thus far. Doing all the work is important, but an important key is being able to measure the effectiveness and see what is working and what isn’t. Analytics can be your best friend at locating and targeting weak spots in your marketing campaign. It also allows you to identify what is working. That information is so vital to making informed decisions down the road.

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